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Professional development for assisted living communities doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you engage with us online or in person, we can help you meet state regulations for assisted living communities. In addition, our approach engages and empowers your team to provide residents with the best possible care.

At Engagement Through Education, our educators have tons of experience elevating team members from passive bystanders to dedicated team players. In addition, our assisted living classes and nurse leadership trainings will take the stress out of your job. For example, we free up your time by helping you learn to properly delegate. Also, we give your team members the confidence to ask questions, solve problems, and get more done in less time.

We offer the highest quality assisted living classes, focused on supporting and empowering your team. For instance, all our courses are designed to meet the requirements of your state regulations for assisted living communities.

"An Expert in Her Field."

Stephanie Berman is an amazing clinical partner. She is attentive, responsive, and is someone that you can count on in your time of need! Keep up the great work and I appreciate our partnership.

– Nick Castilleja
Regional VP, Integral Senior Living


We give your team the knowledge they need to succeed by creating a culture of growth. Our educators’ first priority is getting buy-in from your team members. After all, education cannot happen without engagement.

Above all we use proven methods of training to ensure the heart of the message gets across: that every team member has a crucial role to play in improving the mission of organization. Enjoy education that is personal, sprinkled with our educators’ playful sense of humor, and real life examples of how to achieve better outcomes.

We also offer custom courses to groups of any size. Our workshops include classes on nurse leadership development, in-service training for CNA, CMA, and nurses, and non-licensed caregiver education, such as medication delegation and PPE/infection control.

The results you can expect include:

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Who We Are

Stephanie Berman, MSN, RN, CALM, began building a team in 2020 to address concerns she were seeing in the industries she trained. As a triage nurse for 14 years, Stephanie noticed a lack of coordination and leadership among team members. She also identified a need for legal and security help.

She realized that providing training from a team of professional with extensive hands on experience in their respective fields could have a deep and meaningful impact on the world. At Engagement Through Education we are teaching the current and next generation of professionals how to build stronger, more dedicated  teams.

Training For Your Whole Team

ETE is here to train and support your entire team. Whether you oversee a small group of unlicensed caregivers or a large team of nurses, we can help improve their performance.

Course offerings (online or in-person!) include continuing education for assisted living communities. Update your team about your state’s laws and regulations. Empower them to do more and improve resident care.

No matter what your goal is, we can help.


— Nurse Leadership Development & Professional Communication

Leadership and effective communication are skills you need as a nurse. Learn how to get the most out of your team with our Leadership Development Training. And bring your care team members’ dreams to life by supporting, directing, and educating them.

Most people get into healthcare because they care about people. However, what causes a nurse to do well in nursing school may not serve them once they are a leader. We take the time to teach the “soft skills” every nurse needs to win.

Learn how to lead your team to become their best.


— In Service Training For Nurses, CNA's, & CMA's

State regulations for assisted living communities typically require your nurses, CNA’s and/or CMA’s to have annual education sessions. Our assisted living classes (offered online or in person) teach team members critical skills in resident care. In addition, we provide mentoring and support from our real world experience in hundreds of assisted living communities all over the country.

Bring your licensed care team members’ dreams to life by supporting, directing, and educating them via Engagement Through Education’s In Service Trainings.


— State Readiness

We give your team the tools they need to function in high stress situations, while complying with laws and regulations.

Our staff provide training on state regulations, state statutes, HIPPA and confidentiality as well as QAPI (Quality Assurance Performance Improvement. In fact, we help your team stay compliant while keeping your residents safe and improving your community overall.


— Leadership & Management Programs for Directors

Today, directors in assisted living communities are overwhelmed. Our leadership and management programs are here to help. For example, we teach proven strategies for reducing turn over. In addition, you will learn ways to reduce burnout by using RN Delegation. Also we show you how to build effective communication and cooperation among your team members.

In addition, we teach you how to streamline your resident care protocols, assign tasks, and save time with done-for-you onboarding and orientation training programs.


— Family Relations & Overall Resident Care

Happy residents make happy families, too. Open communication with both residents and their loved ones creates a supportive community. Our family relations and resident care course offer directors and their team members the skills you need for excellent work with their clients.

Learn our systematic and people-first approach to residents and their families.

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— Care Team Member Skills & In Service Training

For your in service assisted living classes required by the state, we offer options. For example, we provide trainings on patient-specific medication administration such as insulin or foley catheters. We also educate your team on emergency prevention, including fall prevention, nutrition information to improve resident outcomes, and behavioral management (personal expression) strategies. Your team can also benefit from courses on dementia, reducing of anxiety and psychotic episodes, and patient and human rights.

In addition, our team can provide customized staff onboarding and orientation, conflict resolution, and unique training designed to best serve the needs of your care team. Let us help you grow and empower your team to be their best.


— Medication Delegation

If you use RN Delegation, you need medication delegation training for your non-licensed team members. Even if your community has a nurse on staff, our medication delegation training (available now on-demand) can help reduce overwhelm for your nursing team.

Engagement Through Education teaches several key concepts to your care providers, including how to find and stay up to date on state and federal regulations, proper medicine cart procedures, and when to call for help. We also educate your team on the basics of how medications work in the body, and correct methods for distributing medication. Your team members will come away from this training knowing how crucial their role is, and how to do their job well.

No more waiting – get your medication delegation training right when you need it with our online access.


— Infection Control / PPE

Especially now, infection control and PPE training is necessary for all team members. Engagement Through Education makes this training requirement easy. Simply sign up and visit our online, on-demand course today.

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— Custom Courses

Every course offered by Engagement Through Education is completely personalized to meet the needs of you and your team. You won’t find cookie-cutter web modules here.

Thanks to the flexibility and experience of our staff, we will work together to craft a course specific to your needs, big or small.

Assisted Living Training

Impact Stories

Leading and teaching by example.

There are few people in the world that have the compassion to help people and one of the brightest stars happens to be Stephanie. For as long as I’ve known her she’s always been the first to step in and help no matter the circumstances. Her positive attitude will light up any room and everyone enjoys having Stephanie on their team. Put her in just about any situation and it is guaranteed that positive things will happen and everyone will remember Stephanie as a friend for life. 

– Daniel Nasharr
Enterprise Solutions Director, SessionM

Trust you have made the right choice with ETE.

Stephanie is a pleasure to work with. She’s dedicated and detail oriented. I’ve always felt like I was in good hands with her on the Team!

–Mark Salek
VP, Direct Marketing at Lamps Plus

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