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Medication Delegation Training

A Brilliant, Hard-working Leader.​"

Working with Stephanie was one of the highlights of my previous position. She is a leader; brilliant, hard-working, thinks outside of the box, and executes all of this while being a kind human being at the same time.

–Sally Ford
Process Improvement Specialist, Superior Health Plan

Medication Delegation Training

Medication Delegation Training is the key to direct care teams who deliver quality care, every time.

— What Is Medication Delegation Training?

Direct care team members are the lifeblood of an assisted living community. In fact, without them, nurses are over-run and over-worked. Also, resident care simply becomes too costly. Medication delegation training allows your non-licensed team members to assist with medication administration. Of course, all classes offered comply with your state’s regulations and guidelines.

At Engagement Through Education (ETE), we don’t just help you meet requirements for training. Instead, we empower your team members to ask questions and become problem solvers. Additionally, our medication delegation training gives your team access to 24×7 support through RN Delegation with RNDA. We not only teach your team the skills they need, but we also help them understand how essential their work is. After all, direct care team members impact your resident’s lives, especially when it comes to medication administration. We help them see how critical it is that they get this right. And, we give them the confidence to know they can.

— The Trouble With Most Medication Delegation Training

When it comes to training your team, you have lots of options. However, not all trainings are created equal. For example, some programs don’t cover regulations. Later, this can create confusion for students since they won’t know how to stay up to date on any changes in the code. In addition, some trainers have no prior experience in assisted living communities. Again, this leaves direct care teams feeling confused or that they can’t relate to the material.

Since medication delegation is tied to only one nurse’s license, if your nurse leaves, your team has to be re-trained. And, that training may be different than what they got before from the former nurse. On the other hand, we offer RN Delegation (provided through RNDA) along with our training program. This means the medication delegation education stays the same, no matter who your nurse is.

— How Our Medication Delegation Is Different

Our trainers know how to take complex material and make it easy to understand. First, we’ll never talk down to you or talk over your head. Second, we make the material fun, engaging, and most importantly, actionable. Our students walk away with step-by-step processes they can use right now. Thirdly, we know first hand what it is like to work with residents because we’ve been there. Finally, we make it easy to access with our on-demand online course. Or, contact us to schedule a live in-person or custom online session.

Also, since our program works with RN Delegation services through RNDA, all your team members receive the same training, material, and support. In fact, this helps avoid confusion and possible medication mistakes. Whether you choose our online or in-person classes, we are here for you. For example, your team will always have a point of contact to ask questions. We save your community time and money by providing this additional support. Your team gets the same training, every time. Since resident lives are at stake, this is critical.


What Your Direct Care Team Will Learn

Your direct care team will love our medication delegation training. In addition to a live in-person training option, we also provide an on-demand online video (no more waiting!). We make it simple to get the training and support you need. Either way, students have 24×7 support through RNDA and learn important topics, such as:


Skills Your Team Will Walk Away With

At ETE, we work hard to make sure each of your direct care team members is fully informed and is confident in their role. Our medication delegation training will give them important skills, including:

Medication Delegation Training Texas

Impact Stories

A Passionate Leader, Manager and Caregiver

Stephanie does a marvelous job of managing her patients. She is capable of managing a large caseload while demonstrating excellent patient care and communication with family and facility staff. Stephanie is diligent and dedicated. Her passion for end of life care is obvious. Thank you Stephanie for demonstrating excellence in all aspects of patient care as well as professional boundaries.

–Bryan Walker 
Principal and Consultant, Palliative Care Consulting

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