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Continuing Education: available online or in-Person

Engagement Through Education strives to break through barriers that prevent care teams from operating at their greatest via in-person and online continuing education in your state. We widen accessibility to paramount information your team needs to know, while delivering professional development training that allows them to apply themselves. The benefits of continuing education are well documented and encouraged in this current climate.

Our Approach

Engaging Learning For Everyone

We believe that health and safety training isn’t effective if it’s not engaging. The result of poor training is a decrease in quality of care of clients and fatal mistakes. That’s why every course we offer is customized to you and your care team’s needs. We personalize each course to reach every member of your team, no matter the size. Engaging health and safety training online or in-person motivates your team to do better, not just at work, but in the world at large. Engaged care teams mean fewer medical errors and a higher quality of life for your clients.
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— Our Mission

What you are teaching is as important as how you are teaching it. At ETE we believe when you can grab their attention, spark their curiosity and ignite their passion your mission, value and goals becomes theirs too.


— Our Vision

At ETE, we want to make sure our message is that the subject doesn’t matter – it is the method of how you engage them that counts. The greatest return of our investment is when we invest in the development of people!


— Our Story

ETE specializes in continuing education with custom created courses for teams of any size. We specialize in healthcare and safety courses including  professional development in nursing, regulation compliance, leadership development, quality assurance, mediation, security,  and so much more.

Who We Are

Stephanie Berman, MSN, RN, CALM

Stephanie Berman is a registered nurse with a Master’s in Nurse Administration. Stephanie is the rock behind Engagement Through Education. Her top priority is providing innovative, adaptable training to healthcare workers in an effort to provide better outcomes for patients.

After losing a loved one to a medication error, Stephanie made the decision to broaden accessibility to proper education in the industry. She knew that in order to do this effectively, she’d have to provide personalized courses to ensure health and safety training was effective.

Fortunately, Stephanie’s experience modifying teaching styles to reach her audience has shown that there’s a better way. Instead of clicking through online modules, Stephanie began offering in-person and live online health and safety trainings, and the results have been more than promising. Her own professional development in nursing allows her to offer above-par training to nurses and UAPs alike.

With extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare and assisted living facilities in Texas, Stephanie makes sure trainees walk away with a renewed sense of responsibility and knowledge of the law so they can keep themselves accountable.

Current Certifications

Past Certifications


Key Accomplishments

A Better Way to Train Your Team

We believe that engaging your team is the key to sucess!
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