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"A Leader With Impeccable Integrity.​"

Stephanie is a highly motivated, high energy, creative, and competent clinical leader. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is a loyal team member!

–Brad Stebbins
President, Gordon Jordan Healthcare Management

For Directors: Leadership & Management Training

In accordance with state regulations, managers are required to be trained on assisted living assessment and strategies. Specifically, as a director, you need certain training within your first year of hire. In addition, your state code will also require you continue your education each year. Of course, classes you must take will vary depending on your state code, however, most states require a certain number of hours in the following areas.

— About This Training

Our trainers provide you with a real-world education that you can use right now in your work. Also, our program helps you get organized and reduce your stress. In fact, we teach you how to properly delegate and empower your team so it no longer all lands on you. Note, we are not only here to teach you; we’re also here to support you. With our 24×7 support offered through RNDA, you’re never alone. Because you’ll learn everything you need to know to operate a well-run and resident-focused organization. For instance, course topics include:

— Why Choose ETE's Leadership Training

We know the assisted living community environment because we’ve worked in it for decades. All our programs are focused on building and creating leaders. We can help you with your assisted living assessment and strategies training. For example, managers who take our classes to continue their education gain valuable skills, such as:

assisted living assessment and strategies in texas

— Ongoing Training for Managers

In addition to initial training, managers can continue their education through our many custom course offerings. Whether you learn online or in-person at a remote site, our trainers will walk you through ways to make your community even more successful. Importantly, these trainings cover state required classes, such as:

Want to grow as a leader? Looking to provide the best possible care for your residents? Then, look no further. We can help you reach your goals and build up your team. Contact us today to get started.

Impact Stories

A Brilliant, Hard-working Leader

Working with Stephanie was one of the highlights of my previous position. She is a leader; brilliant, hard-working, thinks outside of the box, and executes all of this while being a kind human being at the same time.

–Sally Ford
Process Improvement Specialist, Superior Health Plan

A Passionate Leader, Manager and Caregiver

Stephanie does a marvelous job of managing her patients. She is capable of managing a large caseload while demonstrating excellent patient care and communication with family and facility staff. Stephanie is diligent and dedicated. Her passion for end of life care is obvious. Thank you Stephanie for demonstrating excellence in all aspects of patient care as well as professional boundaries.

–Bryan Walker 
Principal and Consultant, Palliative Care Consulting

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