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Nursing Leadership Development Program

"A Passionate Leader, Manager and Caregiver​"

Stephanie does a marvelous job of managing her patients. She is capable of managing a large caseload while demonstrating excellent patient care and communication with family and facility staff. Stephanie is diligent and dedicated. Her passion for end of life care is obvious. Thank you Stephanie for demonstrating excellence in all aspects of patient care as well as professional boundaries.

–Bryan Walker 
Principal and Consultant, Palliative Care Consulting


When nurses and care providers know how to lead their teams, powerful results happen. Our nurse leadership program develops exceptional leaders for assisted living communities. Quality care begins with effective leadership.

— How to Avoid Staff Burnout

When team members have conflicts, they need a strong leader to coach them through it. Our leadership training shows nurses on how to build teams that support your organization – and each other.

Engagement Through Education | Assisted Living Classes

— Why a Nursing Leadership Development Program Is Critical For Your Success

If someone has performed well as a nurse, we automatically expect them to succeed as a leader. Yet, the same skills that make you a great nurse can actually hinder your ability to lead.

Our leadership training gives you the skills to empower your people – and strengthen your own success.

What You'll Learn In Our Nursing Leadership Development Program

At Engagement Through Education, we know how to help nurses be their best in their leadership roles. Learn powerful leadership skills, including:


How to develop quality relationships with your team


Keeping your team motivated and engaged so they stay with you

Engagement Through Education | Assisted Living Classes

Time Management Tips

Engagement Through Education | Assisted Living Classes

Ready to create a rock-solid team and culture in your assisted living community? Contact us.

Impact Stories

A Brilliant, Hard-working Leader

Working with Stephanie was one of the highlights of my previous position. She is a leader; brilliant, hard-working, thinks outside of the box, and executes all of this while being a kind human being at the same time.

–Sally Ford
Process Improvement Specialist, Superior Health Plan

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