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Leadership for All: Qualities of a Successful Leader

It is widely believed that leadership is given to those in high positions. This is a misconception as leadership can be found in all roles. All positions in assisted living facilities have the capacity and ability to take on leadership roles. Leaders ensure that all residents receive the best care from motivated and focused caretakers.

An article published by Harvard Medical School declares that leadership is not only a successful quality in a healthcare setting but in the lives of people willing to lead in an ever-evolving world.1

Leadership: What makes a leader?

All these qualities can be found in every person. Having the drive, strength, and compassion to achieve in care facilities proves a person to be a leader. However, these skills are not learned overnight. ETE offers several courses and training sessions to guide care teams into leadership roles and teaches them the skills to provide the best care to residents.

ETE Leadership Training

  • Nursing leadership: ETE provides training for nurses who have the drive to become leaders. Nurses can learn how to develop relationships with their team, time management skills, how to keep a team motivated, and more.
  • When to lead: While teaching caretakers how to lead, ETE also teaches when to lead. Having a balance of knowing when to lead and when to manage is important. Managing a team and leading a team requires different skills. ETE trains teams on the difference between both and when to apply each.
  • Finding leadership role: When a caretaker is ready to take their leadership skills to a leadership role, ETE can train and guide the person to find a role that is right for them. Every care team role is pivotal and it is important to find the most effective role for each member. 
Equipping your care team with the knowledge and skills is the cornerstone of safer care. Our free monthly training session, held on the first Tuesday of every month, provides your team with the tools and confidence to help optimize resident well-being within your community.
Each session covers critical topics like medication, compliance, safety, and best practices—while empowering your team to ask questions and solve problems.
Don’t miss this opportunity to help support your residents’ safety and equip your care team with the knowledge and confidence to provide exceptional care. Sign up for our next training today!


  1. Loughlin, K. R. (2022, January 26). Medical leadership: Past, present and future. Medical Leadership: Past, Present and Future | HMS Postgraduate Education. https://postgraduateeducation.hms.harvard.edu/trends-medicine/medical-leadership-past-present-future


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