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Nursing Leadership: Empowering Leaders to Empower Teams

Nursing leadership is more than authority. It’s how a person leads a team and the qualities they internalize. These qualities become the driving force to a successful and cooperative team. Because a strong care team leads to strong care communities.

Implementing nursing leadership within care teams has beneficial effects. Prior research has shown that nursing leadership improves care quality and efficiency within care teams, as well as outcomes and safety for those in their care.1

Highly skilled and compassionate nursing leadership fosters thriving teams. Care teams can soar with a leader who sees the true potential within the team and empowers individuals to reach it. Engagement Through Education offers the Nursing Leadership Development Program to educate nurses and care providers on how to lead their teams to achieve quality care for assisted care communities.

Leading by Example: The Essential Qualities of a Great Nurse Leader

  • Communication: On every team, communication is a must. This not only avoids  confusion but also enables a healthy, collaborative team environment.. Leaders can help guide conversations and provide feedback to reinforce strengths and foster growth in areas of improvement. 
  • Education: Leaders should be well versed in their area of expertise and also be willing to take the next step to improve their skills. This is where ETE offers opportunities for nurse leaders and care teams to become their best so their residents get the best
  • Nursing delegation: Effective nursing leadership involves assigning the right tasks to the right individuals based on their skills and qualifications. This also includes tasks related to medication administration. ETE’s medication delegation training helps equip non-licensed care team members with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively administer medications under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional, based on established guidelines and best practices.
  • Community and teamwork:A team works best when all members have the same goal. In care communities, it’s always what is in the best interest of the resident. Fostering a sense of community through regular check-ins, open communication, and mutual support builds resilience, while also helping to combat burnout.
  • Leadership: There’s a difference between someone who “runs” a team and someone who leads a team. Teams thrive when a person in a leadership position is able to decipher when it is time to do both. Leaders want to look for more opportunities to grow and inspire their team. This includes establishing best practices, encouraging collaboration, and setting the tone and modeling the ways of care. 

ETE’s Nursing Leadership Program

Can help you learn: 

  • How to develop quality relationships with your team by creating a safe and trusting environment while optimizing the care of residents.
  • How to motivate your team by fostering collaboration and mutual support among each member of the team.
  • How to effectively manage your time through comprehensive training in medication delegation, organizational systems and processes, and meticulous documentation.
Equipping your care team with the knowledge and skills is the cornerstone of safer care. Our free monthly training session, held on the first Tuesday of every month, provides your team with the tools and confidence to help optimize resident well-being within your community.Each session covers critical topics like medication, compliance, safety, and best practices—while empowering your team to ask questions and solve problems.Don’t miss this opportunity to help support your residents’ safety and equip your care team with the knowledge and confidence to provide exceptional care. Sign up for our next training today!


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