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Effective safety and security training for your team means a higher quality of care for your clients.

Avoid costly mistakes and legal violations by educating your team with workplace safety training, risk management training, safety in healthcare, maintaining the security of your facility, and avoiding regulation violations and hefty fines.

Safety & Security Training Offerings

Safety & Security Training Offerings No Matter What Your Facility

Does your team understand safety and security best practices? Initial orientation videos seem to slip through one ear and out the other.

Engagement Through Education consolidates all aspects of risk management and makes them easy for your team to digest and implement. Through our online or in-person safety and security training, we build stronger, more confident teams.

Our safety and security training offerings cover a broad scope of topics. Start with leadership training for personnel for an immediate increase in employee retention and performance or learn about community engagement with your first responders and learn how to work together.

Learn the laws and regulations with which your facility must comply. Gain an understanding of the costs and consequences of violations. And most of all, teach your team how to respond in emergency situations.

Do you have a need for a course, but you can’t find it available online? Let us design a custom course that will reach and engage every member of your team.

workplace safety training

— Risk management

Do you know what the most common risks of your assisted living facility or business? Let’s review your last risk assessment so your team understands them, too.

Our Risk Management Training course is personalized to your facility. We design our courses so they are easily understandable by your unique team. With individualized lesson plans, your team will come out working together to assess, manage, avoid, and respond to risks and potential injuries.

Your team will learn to report and document errors, violations, and injuries related to the workplace. This course increases accountability and lowers the incidence of preventable accidents among team members.


—Hazardous Material (Trucking)

When transporting hazardous materials, truck drivers must take precautions that could save their lives and keep them out of trouble with the law.

According to Federal Law, all hazmat employees must have General Awareness training, Function-specific training, and Safety and Security Training in order to transport hazardous materials.

Our Hazard Material Training is crafted to ensure all trainees walk away with an understanding of the importance of compliance with laws and regulations surrounding the transportation of hazard materials. They’ll know how to respond to an emergency event and how to document the situation.


— Fire Suppression in the Workplace

A fire could breakout anywhere that electricity is used. Let’s face it: that includes your workplace. Recent statistics from the US Fire Administration show that the cost of fires has been on an upward trend since 2009, costing up to $25.6 billion in property loss in 2018, and resulting in a loss of life.

Don’t let carelessness damage your facility. Fire Suppression in the Workplace is everyone’s responsibility.

This course trains teams to increase their awareness of the causes of fires, how to respond to a fire in the workplace, how to keep themselves and their co-team safe, and how to report and document a fire-related incident.


— 30 hour Mediator training

workplace mediator training Texas

A conflict in the workplace can disrupt your whole team’s workflow. Most team members can detect when there’s a conflict by the energy in the room. Are you solution-oriented enough to return your workplace to balance?

With our 30-hour Mediator Training, you will acquire the skills to ease tensions and restore productivity to your professional environment.

When humans work together, conflict is inevitable. Mediator Training helps you develop diplomatic skills that will stand out on your resume. Use your Mediator Training to introduce new perspectives and frame words so that they lead to positive outcomes.


— Law enforcement for security professionals

security personnel training Texas

Did you know that in general, private security firms have more authority on private property than police officers? Ensure your security professionals have the tools they need to keep your facility and clients safe.

Our Law Enforcement for Security Professionals training course not only trains security professionals to act within their scope, but also gives them the resources and skills to answer questions they may have in the event of an unprecedented security breach.

Empower your security team to lead. Gift them the skills they need to effectively communicate and collaborate with themselves and adjacent departments.


— Ethics in law enforcement

ethics training Texas

The role of law enforcement officers is to safeguard the people. Ethics in Law Enforcement teaches your team what that means.

Law enforcement at your facility works to minimize liability, prevent fraud and theft, and curate a safe and secure environment for your team members to conduct business or care for patients.

This course teaches trainees about moral development, social learning, cognitive realizations regarding their personal biases, and builds a culture of ethics in your workplace community.


— Recognizing fraud

business fraud prevention Texas

Fraud exists in every industry. Is your safety and security team trained to recognize when it happens? Unfortunately, fraud is elusive and can be difficult to detect. Even worse, fraud could cost your facility huge sums.

Fraud can come in many forms. Assets may be misappropriated, payroll may be inaccurate, data may be stolen.

Make sure your security is on the ball. After taking our Recognizing Fraud Training course, your team members will be able to understand and identify all types of fraud relevant to your facility.


— Criminal analysis

small business fraud prevention

Safety and security teams need to know what to look for in order to be effective. Criminal Analysis is a systematic process for identifying patterns and trends in criminal activity at your business or facility.

Think of our Criminal Analysis Training course as a pair of glasses that sharpens your security team’s eyesight. Graduates of this training will be able to use the tools and skills we provide to create a criminal profile specific to your facility.


— Vehicle safety training

When care team members transport clients, they’re taking your client’s safety into their hands. Give them the confidence to drive vehicles of various sizes safely.

Vehicle Safety Training ensures that your team member knows how to enact all safety and security training measures before they drive off of company property. Team members will learn everything from checking to see if there’s a fire extinguisher available, to knowing where the first aid kit is, to reporting and documenting accidents.

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Engagement Through Education is licensed to teach 15 different criminal courses that award certificates to graduates. These courses include all the safety and security training courses described above, as well as:

employment mediation training texas

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