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PPE & Infection Control:
Assisted Living Community Training

"Leading and teaching by example. ​"

There are few people in the world that have the compassion to help people and one of the brightest stars happens to be Stephanie. For as long as I’ve known her she’s always been the first to step in and help no matter the circumstances. Her positive attitude will light up any room and everyone enjoys having Stephanie on their team. Put her in just about any situation and it is guaranteed that positive things will happen and everyone will remember Stephanie as a friend for life. 

– Daniel Nasharr
Enterprise Solutions Director, SessionM

infection control for assisted living communities

Infection control at assisted living communities is a must in order to protect your residents, team members, and also visitors. Our training course (offered on-line or in-person), teaches your team practical techniques for using personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition, we offer on-demand video training for your visitors to watch before they enter your building. In fact, our training and short PPE test make infection control simple and easy.

Our trainings also offer PPE & infection control assisted living education to direct care teams as well. Taught by nurse educators, our classes give your team what they need to stay safe. Additionally, your team will learn skills to keep residents safe, too.

— How We're Different

Unlike boring on-line video classes, our on-demand training is taught by a real nurse who engages you in the learning. Your visitors and team members alike will feel confident and at ease with the tips offered. Additionally, with ETE, you’re never in the dark. Questions? Not sure how to handle a specific situation? We’re here to support you 24×7 in partnership with RDNA. Finally, with us, your community has options. You can choose from our pre-done online or in-person programs. Or, you can choose to have a program customized for your specific needs.

— Infection Control Assisted Living Community Training: What You'll Learn

Whether training your visitors, your team members, or both, our courses cover all the infection control and proper PPE use information you need. Using clear instruction, and engaging content, you’ll learn all the steps to keep yourself and your residents safe. Our course material includes topics such as:

— Who Is This Training For

Engagement Through Education has infection control courses available for both team members and visitors of assisted living communities. In addition to the required PPE training, we can also build a course, just for you. For example, we can help your team prevent infection while working with residents. Also, we can provide in-service training on many topics, made just for your community.

Want to learn more about online or in-person PPE and infection control training? Contact us today.

Impact Stories

A Brilliant, Hard-working Leader

Working with Stephanie was one of the highlights of my previous position. She is a leader; brilliant, hard-working, thinks outside of the box, and executes all of this while being a kind human being at the same time.

–Sally Ford
Process Improvement Specialist, Superior Health Plan

A Passionate Leader, Manager and Caregiver

Stephanie does a marvelous job of managing her patients. She is capable of managing a large caseload while demonstrating excellent patient care and communication with family and facility staff. Stephanie is diligent and dedicated. Her passion for end of life care is obvious. Thank you Stephanie for demonstrating excellence in all aspects of patient care as well as professional boundaries.

–Bryan Walker 
Principal and Consultant, Palliative Care Consulting

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