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Premier Health and Safety Training for Your Assisted Living Care Team, including Medication delegation

Engagement Through Education offers limitless custom courses in a variety of health and safety areas including medication delegation training. We offer in-person and online courses for healthcare professionals, including licensed or unlicensed assisted personnel (UAP) for assisted living facilities. We’re here to help you find gaps in the crucial knowledge and skills your team needs to do their best work.

Our courses can accommodate any number of trainees. We offer courses online or in-person within your state. 

The best way to keep your facility thriving is by complying with state and federal laws and regulations. High quality patient care and safety go hand-in-hand. Fortunately, we offer in-person and online risk management training.

Who Needs Engagement Through Education?

Healthcare Training Offerings

The healthcare industry and its legislature change quickly in our rapidly developing world. Engaging health and safety training mitigates health crises and resulting investigations at your facility. Get your team up-to-date on how and why to attentively care for clients.

We offer trainings for both direct care unlicensed assistive personnel, as well as their supporting safety and security team. Give your team the skills to perform medication administration, assist in the event of a fall, and how to be leaders in an industry with strict rules and regulations.

Our courses unpack and illuminate need-to-know information so your team can maximize client care and eliminate errors that could result in legal action or accidental death. Through our health and safety trainings, we build stronger, smarter healthcare teams.

Do you have a need for a course, but don’t see it listed? Our experts craft and teach custom health and safety training courses. Consult with our educators to build a custom course today

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— Medication Delegation

A medication error could cost a life. Educate your team about medication administration and medication assistance with our medication delegation training.

We offer Medication administration training to help take your care team to the next level. Graduates will be experts on the 6 rights of medication administration, what to do in the event of a med error, and documentation.

Additional training includes checking vital signs, placing a foley catheter, and other tasks specific to your facility.


— RN Delegation

RN Delegation frees your care team to act under the direction of a Registered Nurse. Let our nurse assign the performance of tasks to your unlicensed assistive personnel that increase quality of life for your clients. Combined with our medication delegation training, your team will be able to offer competent and compasionate care.

RN delegates can assign nursing tasks to your care team to ensure your clients can receive their meds, accept help after a fall, have a foley catheter placed, receive assistance eating, have their beds properly made, and more.

Our nurse is on call 24/7 so you and your care team have access to a Registered Nurse around the clock. Learn more about the benefits of RN Delegation here.


— Leadership Training

Leadership skills in healthcare are as essential as the healthcare team itself. In the heat of an emergency, nurses and their care teams need to know how to effectively communicate with their team while delegating tasks. Everyday, you can practice the leadership skills we teach to prepare you for the moments you need them the most.

Our Leadership Development Training is for all health and safety professionals. At Engagement Through Education, we’ve seen that there’s a gap between quality healthcare training and leadership development training. Wellness Coordinators and Facility Directors often have the skills and compassion to care for clients, but struggle in their management roles with delegating tasks and communicating with their care teams.

Empower yourself and your care team to stand up and act within your and their scope. It could save a life.


— Keeping up with Laws

& Regulations

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Laws and regulations are struggling to keep up with technological advancement in healthcare. This makes it next to impossible to keep up with laws and regulations on your own.

Learn the skills you need to understand and work within the scope of your state’s laws and regulations. Our tailored courses provide you and your team with resources you can use to answer any question regarding your state and your facility.

Our staff has years of experience teaching regulations and laws. You can relax knowing your staff is receiving the best possible training. Keep your staff and your residents protected.


— Communication with Families

& Physicians.

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The health of your client depends on the effective collaboration among their family, your care team, and healthcare professionals like nurses and physicians. Effective communication starts with you.

Learn how to work with families and physicians to understand and execute your client’s treatment plan. Effectively communicate sensitive information to families with empathy and compassion. Understand common medical terms and physicians’ notes to ensure your client is receiving full and proper care.

With training from ETE your staff will feel empowered to communicate effectively.


— Security and Safety

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Regulations around safety and security in the healthcare industry are strict and extensive. Make sure you’re checking all your boxes while keeping you, your care team, and your clients safe.

Educate your care team about what to do in case of spills, sharps training, avoiding accidents in the workplace, and what to do in the event of an active shooter.

Security and Safety Training can be crafted to fit your team. Whether you lead a team of caregivers or head the Risk Management or Security department of your facility, we can help you build a safer, more secure facility.


— HIPAA and confidentiality

HIPPA training certification

Does your care team understand the importance of HIPAA? What happens when employees and facilities violate HIPAA?

Your clients receive the biggest benefits of HIPAA. It ensures healthcare providers and their associates protects sensitive personal and health information. HIPAA violations can cost facilities anywhere from $100 to $250,000 and can result in criminal charges that can result in jail time.

It’s paramount that all members of your care team understand HIPAA and the importance of confidentiality!


— Ethics in healthcare

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Ethics in Healthcare provides your care team with a structure off of which they can make decisions. While often confused with morals, Ethics in Healthcare Training elucidates the difference between morals and ethics so team members can use their judgment wisely.

Additionally, ethics sets the foundation of laws and regulations surrounding healthcare. Our Ethics in Healthcare Training course ensures your team has a full understanding of how the law and ethics work together to respect the dignity and health of your clients


— Infection control including PPE

Does your care team know how to keep themselves and others safe? More now than ever, it’s imperative that everyone working in an assisted living facility know how and when to use Protective Personal Equipment.

Your care team will learn how to maintain body substance isolation (BSI), the difference between direct contamination and indirect contamination when using gloves, masks, and gowns, how to dispose of sharps and other medical equipment, and best practices for avoiding the spread of an infection or disease.

Additional Examples of courses

Engagement Through Education is committed to flexible course design. We offer custom courses to fit the needs of your assisted living facility. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about crafting a custom course today.

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Impact Stories

An Expert in Her Field.

Stephanie Berman is an amazing clinical partner. She is attentive, responsive, and is someone that you can count on in your time of need! Keep up the great work and I appreciate our partnership.

–Nick Castilleja
Regional VP, Integral Senior Living

A Leader With Impeccable Integrity.

Stephanie is a highly motivated, high energy, creative and competent clinical leader. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is a loyal team member!

–Brad Stebbins 
President, Gordon Jordan Healthcare Management

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