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Continuing Education: available online or in-person

No matter what training your team needs, our experts work with you to build a comprehensive and engaging custom course online or in-person. Leadership training, for example,  is often one of the missing elements keeping your business from becoming the successful company you have worked hard to build.

From the simplest task, like how to make a hospital bed, to next-level leadership training, we craft custom courses for your team.

We believe engaging education is a tool for empowerment. Our custom training courses build stronger teams, no matter what size. The result is more dedicated team members and a decrease in turnover rate.

Who Needs Engagement Through Education?

Custom Course Offerings

At Engagement Through Education, we work with you on the blueprints of your custom training course before we build. After understanding the scope and needs of your facility, we get to work designing an individualized lesson plan that both strengthens your team and boosts leadership skills.

Custom courses are an effective way to increase buy-in among team members, especially our professional development training courses. Our Leadership Training transcends barriers to confidence, authorizing your team to use their best judgment at all times. Public Speaking courses help leaders stand out, engage the audience, and remain cool.

For menial responsibilities, custom courses reduce the amount of time you spend training new team members on routine tasks. Instead, let’s work together to streamline training so you can get back to work. Let us prepare your team members for success.


— Leadership Training

Anyone can learn how to step up and be a leader. In fact, most jobs depend on you to have leadership skills. Often, however, leadership skills aren’t taught in school.

This is often the case in healthcare and entrepreneurship. Nurses are trained in a very particular skill set, namely the human body and how to care for the ill. As their careers progress, however, they might find themselves in management roles without management skills.

Would-be entrepreneurs may have a million-dollar idea or a unique skill set they want to monetize, but don’t have the tools to get their dream off the ground.

No matter what industry you specialize in, you can use your inherent strengths to make balanced judgment calls in high stress situations. We work together with you and your team to identify and capitalize on your personal leadership style.


— Quality Control and Productivity

Is your business operating as efficiently as it should be? At Engagement Through Education, we can help assess, evaluate, and improve productivity at your workplace.

After gaining an understanding of your facility’s  gaps in productivity, we design a solution-oriented training. The ultimate goal is to unite your team through bonding, inform them of common pitfalls in productivity, educate on how to avoid them, and build a culture of accountability in the workplace.

Put your budget toward increasing buy-in from team members and you may be surprised at how far it goes.


— Starting a Small Business 101

The costs and risks of starting a business can make your dream feel insurmountable. You may even start to question if you have what it takes to succeed.

Our educators at Engagement Through Education understand the struggle of bringing your business off the page and into reality. They’ve done it themselves. That’s why they know that with strategic planning and leadership training, anyone can do it.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires you to be multifaceted, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This course gives you the freedom to map your idea before investing time and money into it. Then, you’ll get leadership training and step-by-step instructions on how to start and grow your small business.


— How to Start a Trucking Company

how to start a trucking business older black man in classroom

Making the transition from a professional truck driver to an owner-operator can feel a bit intimidating. You might be wondering if you have the skills to become self-employed.

The trucking industry is 91% composed of small carriers, and it’s expected to grow over the next decade. While this is good news for you as an owner-operator, fines resulting from violations now fall directly on you. Some fines can cost you up to $70,000!

Don’t be discouraged. This course includes everything you need to know about your responsibilities as an owner-operator, how to avoid violating regulations and laws, how to start running a small business, and leadership training.

Our expert educator can help you get your trucking business off to a smooth start. With 5 years of service as a Texas State Trooper, Tim Walker is currently a Motor Vehicle Inspector IV with the Texas DMV. Let his unique and insightful perspective prepare you for what’s down the road.


Clearing ‘Tags’ by Putting Interventions into Place

assisted living violations nursing assistant with patient

Does your assisted living facility have outstanding tags? Has your facility ever been penalized or fined?

Let our seasoned nurse step in. Together, we can assess recurring issues and create a treatment plan for your assisted living facility. By training your team on common mistakes and putting new interventions into place, we can clear tags, address fines, and clear Immediate Threats (ITs) and Immediate Jeopardies (IJs).

This course can also assist with managing falls. Is your team struggling to report and track falls? All falls must be reported. Let us help you track them.

Custom Leadership Training Courses Designed for Your Team

Gift your team with custom certifications they’ll be proud to put on their resumes. Strengthen and empower them with leadership training and team building workshops.

Avoid legal fines and tags by correcting common errors specific to your facility. Or, fill a requirement for professional duties, such as:

medical coding courses hispanic woman at laptop

Impact Stories

Versatile and Easy to Work With!

I have worked along side Stephanie in several capacities and have to say it has always been a pleasure. Stephanie is easy to contact, able to provide answers and always friendly. Her professionalism is paramount. She is willing to help guide and mentor folks to assist them in reaching their full potential. I would gladly work with Stephanie in any capacity

– Jessica Wright
Co-Founder, Executive Director & Family Nurse Practitioner at Integrative Medical Home Care

ETE Gets to the Root of the Problem.

Stephanie is incredibly passionate and dedicated to her profession! She is an excellent problem solver, compassionate and caring, as well as being very hardworking. Her excellent sense of humor is an added bonus for anyone she interacts with!

–Lynette Thomas 
Principal at Cedar Ridge High School – Round Rock ISD – Retired

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