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ETE App: Healthcare Education and Connection

Healthcare Teaching, There’s a Better Way

The road to developing Engagement Through Education, a one-of-a-kind healthcare education and connection app for instructors, learners, leaders, providers, patients, and families, was not easy. The founder of the ETE app, Stephanie Berman, MSN, RN, CALM, had many setbacks before embarking on this journey, which convinced her that she wasn’t the only one who needed more education, support, connection, and community.

Learn With a Successful Team Builder 

Stephanie has a long history of leadership positions with accomplishments and extraordinary achievements, providing her with a unique perspective. Stephanie, who recognizes the importance of connections, says, “I believe in building the best places to work together as one team.” This ability is also crucial in establishing an environment where people feel supported and valued, and she’s getting out there to do it with you.

Learn With Someone Who Has Been There

Before deciding to pursue a career as a nurse, Stephanie spent several years working in corporate America as a marketing executive. She had never considered nursing before but did so out of necessity, and with the help of a friend, she enrolled in nursing school. Circumstances were already dire, but being a single mother with three small children while juggling care options made things considerably more difficult.

Someone who has walked in your shoes has a much greater understanding of the personal issues or financial hardships that don’t disappear because you punched a time clock that morning. Those issues follow you to work every day. 

Stephanie’s mission includes sharing her story because there are so many people in similar situations and how challenging it is just to get to work each day, let alone continue your education or learn new skills. In addition, she realizes that we have to make difficult decisions from time to time, such as putting our last $5.00 into the gas tank to get to work or feed our family. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we’re right here with you.

I’d Like to Learn, but I’m Not a Good Student

Remember when Stephanie started nursing school? The first step was to relearn previously forgotten content and spend additional time and money, both of which she didn’t have. Her knowledge of business culture shifted to one she didn’t completely comprehend, but her heart remained in it. 

She passed the entrance exam but needed entry-level remedial math courses. She had to take many of these classes before starting the actual math courses required for the program. Once placed in the lowest level of remedial math courses, it seemed like defeat when the adding, subtracting, and multiplying began.

Stephanie thought she wasn’t a good student either and is adamant that if she could pass, anyone could.

The Beginnings of Healthcare Teaching

After graduation, Stephanie began her career in the ER, which provided valuable insight into the healthcare field and people. After years of hard work and dedication, she had an opportunity to start healthcare teaching in assisted living communities to provide specialized training for care workers. Knowing old techniques of learning doesn’t work, she began using her unique approach.

Invest in Those Delivering the Care

Stephanie recognizes the need to utilize effective healthcare education methods and how our boots-on-the-ground caregivers need support.

Our everyday care professionals want and need:

When caregivers, the backbone of our society and care communities, are given these basic courtesies, they will simply be able to provide the care they want to provide with love, respect, and enthusiasm. Great care comes from loving your people, and people will naturally love those they care for. 

What Can ETE’s Healthcare Education & Connection App Do to Help?

Although we highlight healthcare education, the app isn’t solely for that purpose. The app also fosters connection. It’s a resource for learning everything you need to know about your field, whether it’s healthcare or formal education. The ETE platform is designed for educators to explain concepts in a social media format, for leaders to communicate with their team, and for providers such as doctors and nurse practitioners to communicate with and educate patients and families—all while remaining HIPAA compliant.

The days of crammed PowerPoint presentations, stale videos, and dull lectures are over. These aren’t the most effective methods of learning. As a result, we end up wasting time relearning material because the first time we tried, it was so boring that we could not remember it.

If an individual is given a printed learning packet and told to figure it out on their own, they will. Their conclusion will be that their instructor doesn’t place a premium on their education, the material isn’t vital, or they’ll find someone else to teach them.

Whether or not we work in healthcare, we are continually learning. When a teacher engagingly presents information, people will naturally want to absorb it. Caregivers expressed their belief that if previous teachers had explained the content in the manner Stephanie did, they would not only have passed the courses but would have retained the information as well. These individuals were now knowledgeable of rules and regulations, processes and protocols, and compliance. Caregivers were now confident in their abilities to provide care with all the resources they had always desired.

How Is the ETE App Different?

We realize we sound like a broken record, but ETE does not follow traditional healthcare teaching or educational methods because they simply do not work. We understand that you’re short on time, and when you do have it, you don’t want to waste it on anything that doesn’t feel worthwhile. 

Learn and connect on your own time

With long shifts and heavy workloads, it can be hard to find time to think about yourself. Learning isn’t a chore with the ETE app, and you can do it on your own time. No more scheduling trainers or waiting for online classes to begin. Access our healthcare education modules via the app from any place, at any time.

Caregivers learn from one another

ETE is a support network for caregivers on the front lines, doing the hard work every day. The app allows for peer-to-peer learning. Individuals can discuss what has and hasn’t worked for them, engage in conversation, bounce ideas off one another, and work together to achieve the best outcomes. You will build friendships and share achievements and struggles. Together, you will become your very own experts.

The ETE App: Recognize caregivers for their efforts

Caregivers rarely, if ever, have face time with upper management. Problems are usually reported quickly, while triumphs are not always acknowledged. Suppose a client’s family member spends time with their loved one and recognizes the caregiver as an outstanding member of the community. How often does it reach the individual who deserves the recognition if it wasn’t mentioned directly to the caregiver? At times, gratitude isn’t conveyed to the appropriate individual. This could be due to a variety of reasons; for example, a meeting may have interrupted a manager’s day, and the recognition has since slipped their mind. Perhaps they’re unable to meet in person because they are working at another care site that day.

Connect anytime, anywhere

The ETE app gives patients and families the ability to connect with leaders, doctors, and other care team members from their smartphones, tablets, and more.

Through the ETE app, recognition is possible

With the click of a button, management can share these tremendous achievements with their team in the form of a short message or video. “Marie, you did an outstanding job with your painting lesson on Friday. Mrs. Smith and her family praised you for your patient guidance and can-do attitude in addition to the class. We’re thrilled you’ve joined the team; you’re instrumental in making our community the greatest it can be.”

Not only will caregivers know they are appreciated, but managers also have the opportunity to send these tokens of gratitude at any time. The app allows a level of communication within the community that may not have been possible before.

More positive interactions with managers

Remember the gratitude scenario we discussed earlier? Let’s delve a little deeper into the advantages of a strong community.

What may have happened in a less connected community

Because she was five minutes late to teach the painting lesson, Marie got actual face time with her manager. Marie is a widowed, single mother of three small children and suffers from migraines, something the manager is unaware of because she speaks to her so rarely.

Marie had the option of calling off her shift but didn’t want to miss her client’s 95th birthday celebration. Even though the migraine disrupted her sleep, she adores her clients and wants to deliver outstanding care. Still, Marie managed to wake up on time to take her three young children to daycare but was delayed in traffic. Her manager could have appreciated the mountain she climbed and offered support and solutions.

Building a strong community

Caregivers confront challenges both inside and outside the locations where they provide care. It is critical to understand and appreciate that care providers are human beings with hobbies, sorrows, and joys outside of their work. The ETE healthcare teaching app differs because it allows an entire community to strengthen and meet each other where they are.

ETE App Related Questions and Answers

Q. Where and when is the app available?

A. The app is now available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Q. Is the app HIPAA compliant?

A. Yes, HIPAA compliance is absolutely essential to the app’s development and maintenance.

Q. Who is the app designed for?

A.  It’s a one-of-a-kind healthcare education app for instructors and learners in any field and a connection tool for patients, families, leaders, and providers.

Q. What topics will be covered?

A. Mentorship, communication, medication delegation, compliance, regulations, real-life scenarios, respect, patient education, clinical situations, medication, disease process, and everything you need to become your own expert. ETE promises educational content that remains fresh, diverse, and relevant.

Q. Where can I learn more?


ETE is here to teach and support your entire team. Whether your team consists of a small group of unlicensed caregivers or a large team of nurses, we can help enhance performance and improve resident care. We would love the opportunity to work with you and see how our teaching programs could benefit you or your organization. No matter what your goal is, we can help. 


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