Retirement Is Not a Reality for Many Seniors

Seniors & Retirement, Why Sometimes the Two Don’t Go Hand in Hand You may believe that most seniors are enjoying their well-earned rest after years …

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finding and developing your leadership style professional woman addressing group of people around a table

Finding and Developing Your Leadership Skills and Style

How to find and develop your unique leadership skills in a sea of styles… What is leadership? Many people have different definitions for this word. …

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find your dream job young black woman in front of computer with hands raised in victory
Health and Wellness

Finding Your Dream Job

What’s your dream job? If you’re like many of us, you’re not sure how to answer that question. To help, ETE compiled a list of …

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leadership graphic, austin and surrounding areas words leadership, inspire, empower

Leaders and leading

Change is a constant in the world, and leaders who can adapt and thrive in the face of it are often the most successful. It …

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stressed out black woman in office setting

America’s Stress Epidemic

Feeling Stressed? De-stressing in a Stressed-out Nation Stress is a part of everyday life, but it has become overwhelming for many Americans. If you seem more …

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strength finder, know your strengths, word art listing different characteristics

What Are Your Strengths?

Strengths, the qualities that propel us forward and inspire us to strive for more, are qualities and personal traits that we all possess to varying …

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