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I have worked along side Stephanie in several capacities and have to say it has always been a pleasure. Stephanie is easy to contact, able to provide answers and always friendly. Her professionalism is paramount. She is willing to help guide and mentor folks to assist them in reaching their full potential. I would gladly work with Stephanie in any capacity.

–Jessica Wright

Co-Founder, Executive Director & Family Nurse Practitioner at Integrative Medical Home Care

For Directors: State Readiness

Through our state readiness program, Engagement Through Education (ETE) can help you stay in compliance with assisted living state regulations. Although every state has a slightly different code for licensing, our training programs can help you be prepared. Learn everything you need to know to be ready for the state to visit your community.

— The Basics of Assisted Living State Regulations

Each state provides a set of standards required in order to obtain and renew your community’s license. In most cases, these codes cover key areas including: resident care, employee training, and operations. To assist you with regulatory compliance, we offer an easy to understand training program, called “State Readiness Training.” Learn what you need to know to get and maintain licensing, including:

— Clearing Tags

So what happens if your community has already been tagged? Our team can help. In fact, we can work with you one-on-on to develop a rapid training program to address any tags you may have received. In addition, we can provide on-site consultation and work with you to resolve any open issues.

— Not Just Training But Results, Too

We believe that an empowered team is an effective team. In fact, a team who knows state regulations is even more powerful. Therefore, our state readiness courses are an important part of helping your community be its best. Because no two assisted living communities are exactly alike. So, your training program shouldn’t be either.

assisted living state regulations - Engagement Through Education | Assisted Living Classes

— Be Prepared

Want to know if your team is in compliance? Looking to give your team members the state readiness they need to succeed? Our training can do just that. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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